Rahimtulla Tower 辦公大廈, 肯亞

肯亞 22 層樓 Rahimtulla Tower 辦公大廈使用 AVer 安控系統提升環境安全 (英文版)

Completed in 1999, Rahimtulla Tower, the tallest building in the Upper Hill neighborhood of Nairobi, Kenya, has been the home to many major corporations. This 22 stories office building plus 2 basement floors and open space parking lots hosted thousands of workers and visitors daily.


As with many management obstacles to popular and large skyscrapers around the world, the concerns to manage this property are how security personnel at the lobby can react timelessly to emergencies and suspicious activities, and stability of the system in recording and after-incidence investigation. The safety to this well-branded regional office tower is also important to the potential respectable corporations, of which are willing to pay premium for renting an office location.


AVerDiGi EH5216H Lite embedded hybrid DVRs and CM3000 were selected to provide integrated surveillance solution to the office building. The EH5216H DVRs are connected to 46 analog cameras throughout the building.

The cameras are placed at the corridor to spot any suspicious visitors and activities, in the mechanic room, file room, stairway and storage room to prevent and monitor any vandalism and theft. Moreover, by choosing the hybrid DVR at the first place, the security manager was able to maintain the existing analog cabling infrastructure while deployed two megapixel cameras at critical areas for clear identification. One camera installed at the front gate to provide securities a first clear view of trespasser, and another one at the parking lot entrance to capture license plate number.

Having the basic cameras and DVRs surveillance system wouldn’t be enough to convince many world-class corporations operating in the building, the property management company went further by installed AVerDiGi CM3000- remote and centralized management software to overhaul the tower. The intelligent functions of CM3000 such as E-map, Real-time alarm notification by e-mail, pop-up video, warning sound, phone call, video search by date/time/event, and visual search have built a seamless and reinforced web of security.