Corfe Castle CE VC First School,英國

讓教學有更多種可能 (英文版)

Corfe Castle CE VC First School is a small rural school in the center of the Purbeck District of Dorset. They have recently made updates to their ICT equipment, including a visualizer (document camera) that is used with their year 3/4 class. Mrs. Induni found the AVerVision visualizer (document camera) easy to use and began using it immediately in her classroom.

The visualizer (document camera) has been used in various applications, as a document reader for literacy lessons, as a camera for doing live handwriting demonstrations and also as a magnifier when showing small Roman artifacts. Mrs. Induni says, "I have found the visualizer (document camera) to be a very useful tool. When the class does 'shared reading,' it is not always possible for each child to have a copy of the book. The visualizer (document camera) enables each child to see not only the text, but the illustrations, too." The visualizer (document camera) is even used in Art lessons to demonstrate drawing techniques. Ways of using an AVerVision visualizer (document camera) are limitless; if you can think of a way to incorporate its use into a lesson, chances are the visualizer (document camera) can do it. Mrs. Induni appreciates this aspect of the product and uses it across her curriculum.

Mrs. Induni isn't the only person to think the AVerVision visualizer (document camera) is a fantastic addition to the classroom, her students have also been enjoying the benefits of the new IT device. The students enjoy capturing images of the classroom and of each other. One pupil used it in conjunction with the classroom's interactive whiteboard and traced a cartoon character straight from a book. Elizabeth and Asrai say they like it because they "can put pictures under it and look at them."

Mrs. Induni has begun using the AVerVision visualizer (document camera) in conjunction with the classroom's interactive whiteboard and it adds another dimension to her lessons. Captured images of text or student work are displayed and then edited using the interactive whiteboard tools. Students receive feedback on work instantaneously and, therefore, become more interested in the lesson and the material being taught.

By nature, a visualizer (document camera) assists in providing a more effective multisensory approach to teaching. Students are drawn to the visual elements of the lesson allowing them to get a better understanding of the material being taught. As has been the case at Corfe Castle CE VC First School, students have become more involved in lessons and have even found using the visualizer (document camera) to be an enjoyable experience.