Klasterec nad Ohri Primary School,捷克

深入了解互動式電子筆 (英文版)

Opened in 1987, Klasterec nad Ohri Primary School is the newest and largest school in the town of Klasterec nad Ohri, Czech Republic. There are 725 students enrolled at the school and 45 teachers on staff. The school has three distinct educational branches: a language branch, in which students can study up to two foreign languages, a special education branch for students with learning disabilities, and a standard branch. The school proudly stands by its motto “To become a creative school for our pupils, to bring good conditions for teaching staff and to find the best way of cooperation with public.”

Thanks to the compact size of the AVerPen set, we have gained another way to modernize our classrooms without additional modifications.
- Ms. Alena Tucimova, Teacher, Klasterec nad Ohri Primary School

At Klasterec nad Ohri Primary School the integration of modern technology into classroom lessons is not just encouraged by the administration, but has become the standard for instruction. Specialized classrooms have been equipped with a computer, a data projector, and in some classes, interactive boards. The school has been considering the purchase of a new interactive board, but has yet to deem it feasible. Therefore, Ms. Alena Tucimova, a teacher at the school, was thrilled to be given the opportunity to test the AVerPen, given its broad classroom capabilities.

AVerPens combine the functions of a wireless tablet, a voting system, interactive board and a presentation pointer.
- Ms. Alena Tucimova, Teacher, Klasterec nad Ohri Primary School

Preparation and initial use

Ms. Tucimova and her colleagues agreed that integrating the AVerPen into their lessons took basically no extra preparation time and was simpler and faster than integrating a standard interactive board. Ms. Tucimova said that the students were a little apprehensive, when they first heard they would be using the AVerPen, but were pleasantly surprised to find it intuitively designed and quite easy to learn to use.

The AVerPen actually became a substitute for the interactive board.
- Ms. Alena Tucimova, Teacher, Klasterec nad Ohri Primary School

Reliable teaching tool

The school has been using the AVerPens for three months now in six secondary level physics and mathematics classes. To energize existing lesson plans, the teachers said they worked in 15-20 minutes of use with the AVerPen every day. Ms. Tucimova discovered the students were able to work directly with the presentations from their desks, move items around, make notes, etc. She was also able to utilize the AVerPen’s voting system function to turn testing into a fun classroom competition between groups of students.

Endless activities to choose from

Ms. Tucimova found the Screen Visor tool to be great for getting students' attention. With this tool, the teacher is able to expose a portion of the screen of his/her choosing, concealing the rest from the students. Ms. Tucimova said she would first load a picture of a piece of physics measuring equipment on the screen, and then cover the majority of the picture leaving only a small window visible to the students. From this limited information the students would then need to determine the image being displayed. This simple, yet effective exercise utilizing AVer technology gave students the chance to use logical thinking, imagination, and to voice individual opinions, all while still having fun and expanding their knowledge of the subject.

AVer would like to thank Klasterec nad Ohri Primary School and its local distributor, FASTCR, a.s. for providing this case study.