Moortown Primary School,英國

學生可仔細觀察螳螂的外觀與測量水量 (英文版)

"To be able to display children's work straight away is a wonderful way to engage our learners."
- David Roundtree, Headteacher, Moortown Primary School

Matthew O'Leary of Moortown Primary School in Leeds saw an AVerVision visualizer (document camera) being used effectively in another organization and immediately saw the potential for the piece of equipment at his school. He decided straight away he was going to try and get an AVerVision visualizer (document camera) for his school. And with the help of Accurate AV, a local dealer of AVer Information products, it wasn't long before he had one.

Their AVerVision visualizer (document camera) has since enhanced visual presentations by displaying text and 3-D objects placed under its camera for the class to see. Whether it's a story that's just been written or a complex calculation, the visualizer (document camera) instantly shows the entire class. It has allowed for more spontaneous lessons; anything within reach may be displayed, even live moving specimens. Pupils are also able to display their work for all to see. "To be able to display children's work straight away is a wonderful way to engage our learners," says David Roundtree, the school's headteacher.  

Lessons have become much more exciting for Moortown Primary School students since the visualizer (document camera) was introduced. It is now used in every lesson, and for every subject. In Math class it's used to teach students about capacity. "It's really effective to be able to demonstrate filling measuring jugs with water and for the children to be able to read the scale; this is a great way to make Maths more real!" For Science lessons, Mr. O'Leary shows mini-beasts and says, "the children are captivated when they are all able to see a worm or spider in detail, moving around."  

Interactive whiteboards are also compatible with AVerVision visualizers (document cameras), so a presenter can use all of the functions of his/her current whiteboard. This provides the user the ability to annotate over images as well as record live demonstrations for use in later lessons. However, if you do not already use an interactive white board, AVerVision visualizers (document cameras) come with their own software that provides all of the same features an interactive whiteboard would, for free!  

"We are always keen to use modern technology to enhance the existing great teaching tools," shares Mr. Roundtree, and buying a visualizer (document camera) has greatly enhanced the capabilities of the teachers at Moortown Primary School.