SitexOrbis & Regal Distribution, 英國

英國知名零售商 Regal Distribution 透過合作夥伴 SitexOrbis 使用 AVer CMS 與監控系統鞏固倉庫安全 (英文版)

A top UK wholesaler in search of a cost-effective 24-hour security solution found exactly what it was looking for in AVer’s SA6832E series hybrid DVRs and powerful CM3000 CMS. With the AVer solution in place, SitexOrbis, a major local alarm receiving center, could secure the property without ever leaving the office.


Regal Wholesale & Distribution, a major wholesale distributor in the UK, recently moved into a new, purpose-built 45,500 sq. ft. warehouse – 75% larger than the company’s previous warehouse. With this growth came the need for the company to expand its security solution. In addition to bulking up its surveillance hardware, the top staff at Regal also wanted to experience the safety and peace of mind of round-the-clock security but without the cost of hiring full-time security guards.


Lucky for Regal, AVer’s total surveillance solution is designed to handle just this kind of security project. With the help of MAS-UK, one of the UK’s largest independent distributors and wholesalers of CCTV and an important AVer partner in the region, Regal enhanced its onsite video recording capabilities by installing AVer SA6832E series 32CH hybrid DVRs. The SA6832E series not only offers impressive live streaming and recording quality for all its 32 camera channels, but is a cleverly cost-effective solution for users looking to bridge the gap between analog and IP.

While Regal had found the right set of video recorders for its new warehouse, it still did not have the manpower to monitor video feeds 24/7, nor was Regal staff adept in responding to triggered DVR alarms... Enter SitexOrbis, the UK’s leading provider of integrated property and security services, and AVer’s CM3000 Central Management System (CMS). With state-of-the-art alarm receiving centers (BS8484 and BS5979 Category II accredited), trained operators and AVer’s CM3000 CMS integrated into its security systems, SitexOrbis was able to supply Regal the cost-effective, round-the-clock security it desired by utilizing AVer’s CM3000 to remotely access the SA6832E series DVRs in place at Regal’s warehouse.


The SitexOrbis alarm receiving center operators responsible for safeguarding Regal’s new 45,500 sq. ft. warehouse were impressed with the flexibility AVer’s CM3000 CMS provided them while defending the warehouse. The CM3000’s capacity to remotely access Regal’s SA6832E series DVRs, the ability to playback locally recorded video for verification purposes, the ability to allow remote users to activate gates and barriers from an offsite location, and the ability to warn off intruders using the 2-way audio function all earned the operators’ praise. Moreover, Regal and SitexOrbis were both pleased to learn they could remotely access the DVRs via AVer’s free mobile apps to monitor live and recorded camera footage when they were away from their desks.

Organization profile

SitexOrbis is “the UK's leading provider of integrated property and security services, trusted by 1000's of public and private sector clients across Europe. Innovation in empty property security establishes SitexOrbis as the market leader, securing property voids, fitting sitex and other screens, and providing the complete empty property service our clients expect.”

Regal Wholesale & Distribution is “a discount wholesale supplier of branded household goods, toiletries and grocery deals to the independent retail and wholesale trade including discount stores, pound shops, grocers & convenience stores. Regal has grown into one of the UK's leading wholesale distributors and now supplies some of the UK's leading wholesalers and independent retailers.”

AVer would like to thank MAS-UK Distribution, SitexOrbis and Regal Wholesale & Distribution for their pivotal roles in creating this case study.