NATO-Slovak Atlantic Commission Conference, 斯洛伐克

協助斯洛伐克政府機構使用AVer視訊會議系統進行遠距會議 (英文版)

The AVer H300 HD video conferencing system allows students in the Czech Republic to question the NATO Secretary General almost 300km away at a conference in Slovakia.

H300 makes cross-border discussions simple

When one of AVer’s distributors, Slovakian company eTechnology, was asked to arrange an HD video link for one of the world’s most powerful people, NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen, top diplomats, and their nation’s foreign minister, they turned to the AVer H300 HD video conferencing system. eTechnology is a long-established, market-leading company offering a wide range of multimedia, video display, presentation, e-learning, and information-exchange solutions. The range of hardware they sell includes AVer HD video conferencing systems, AVerVision visualizers and AVer interactive pens.

In May of 2011, the company was asked to provide a two-way live video link at a prestigious event. The occasion was the visit of NATO Secretary General Anders Fogh Rasmussen to the Slovak Atlantic Commission. Also present were the Slovakian Foreign Minister Mikulas Dzurinda, Slovak Atlantic Commission President Rastislav Kacer, and a room full of journalists and other VIPs. An AVer H300 HD video conferencing system was used to ensure a dependable and trouble free connection. When commenting on the choice of video conferencing solutions eTechnology said that it was “mainly due to the flexibility and the individual approach the H300 can provide for this video conferencing session.” The accessible connections and simple menu system of the H300’s unique Table Hub made the system’s setup at both sites quick and easy.

Students join in the debate from 300 kilometers away

One of the key benefits of choosing the AVer H300 for this particular application was its ability to perform a wide range of functions without the need for additional hardware. Utilizing the multiple layouts feature made it simple to switch to a full-screen shot of the live feed from the university’s camera, the system’s support for virtually any type of external microphone made audio connection simple, and the meeting recording function gave the students an immediate record of the discussion. With less total equipment needed there was less to install, and the overall system reliability was increased.

The HD video link enabled students at Charles University (Universita Karlova) in Prague to enjoy the speech and fully participate in the Q&A at the Crowne Plaza Bratislava, about 300km away. After listening to the Secretary General touch on subjects including marine piracy and NATO’s role in the conflict in Libya, the students were able to ask probing questions about complex topics such as the Russian/NATO relationship. Thanks to the AVer H300’s flexible technology, sharp 30fps live video feed and clear audio, the Secretary General found understanding and responding to the students in Prague just as easy as interacting with the VIPs setting next to him. In all, using the AVer H300 kept the focus on the debate by eliminating the physical distance between the two cities, resulting in satisfied students, clients and VIPs.

AVer would like to thank eTechnology for providing this case study.